Why buy a boxing pole or standing punching bag?

A standing boxing pole, punching bag, punching ball or whatever you want to call it is your ideal training partner. Both for the beginner and advanced fighter and for small and large. They are easy to fill to the weight you like and are also very easy to move. So it’s not a stand in the way and doesn’t always have to be in plain sight. Also, you don’t have to drill holes in the wall or ceiling like you do with punching bags. RAM boxing poles are ideal for home and gym use. Use it whenever you want!

What boxing pole should I take then?

The quality of most real boxing poles is good. Of course, there are also the inflatable models, the toy models, the €100 euro models, etc. We call that in a word, junk. If you really want to get into something more serious with an standing punching bag and it’s not just 2 punches and done for a week then we recommend you don’t choose junk but quality. There are several brands with good boxing poles, but we think RAM fighting gear is the fattest brand. Is that objective? No definitely not, because we are RAM fighting gear. We release new models every year and will continue to develop the brand. We currently have the widest range of boxing poles and will continue to expand. As for choosing which type to go for, it depends mainly on what you want to do with it. If you only want to bump then the RAM C is a good choice. Do you also want to do kick lows? Then go for a pole with lots of kick/punch surface such as the RAM O. If you really want everything bigger and with scoring zones then theRAM O XL is the ultimate experience. If you want to see our fighter in action with different boxing poles and thus make a more focused choice, check out our Youtube channel HERE. You can also visit our sales partner Fightplaza for RAM fighting gear’s extensive collection of punching poles / standing punching bags. Good luck with your choice.

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