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We have built up a very large collection of boxing poles in a short period of time. There wasn’t a whole lot of choice in boxing poles either. We did see potential in that. Many gyms now offer boxing classes and group classes where boxing is also used to build fitness. Boxing and kickboxing is no longer only for the real fanatic fighter but also for those who want to enjoy exercise, increase stamina and build better fitness. A standing punching bag or boxing pole is the ultimate solution for gyms. You set the boxing pole down in the desired location when you need it, and after using it, you set the standing boxing pole back aside. A boxing pole is also ideal for at home; you don’t have to drill and you don’t have a punching bag hanging in the middle of your room. We get more and more questions about whether a boxing pole can stay outside. More and more people want to box or kickbox outside at their home. A hanging punching bag then is not always possible in the garden. A standing punching bag that you can move around is then perfect, of course. We do recommend putting the boxing pole under a shelter and preferably covered. Currently we do not have special covers for our boxing poles, perhaps that is something for the future. The boxing pole can withstand a little rain, but it is not advisable to leave it open and exposed outside all the time.

The collection

RAM fighting gear heeft aardig wat verschillende bokspalen, bestaande uit twee hoofdsoorten: De RAM C en de RAM O. De prijzen liggen tussen de 185 euro en de 275 euro. De RAM C is perfect om te stoten en hoge trappen op uit te oefenen. je kunt alleen geen low kicks hier op trainen omdat het stootgedeelte wat hoger begint. Als je alleen wilt boksen is de RAM C goed genoeg voor jou, dit is ook de goedkoopste van de hele collectie van RAM. Behalve de gewone RAM C is er ook een RAM C met scoring zones, deze is te krijgen in het zwart, blauw en rood. Op deze RAM C bokspaal staan de cijfers één tot en met drie zodat jij kunt trainen op het plaatsen van jouw stoten en trappen. In tegenstelling tot de RAM C is de RAM O wel geschikt voor alle stoten en trappen. Het trap-en stootgedeelte begint gelijk vanaf de voet en is een stuk langer en breder. Er is nog een andere variant van de RAM O met een groter logo van RAM erop, genaamd de RAM O2. De RAM O is er ook in extra grote uitvoeringen. De RAM O XL met scoring zones is nog hoger en breder en heeft de cijfers één tot en met twaalf op de body. De cijfers maken de RAM O XL zeer geschikt voor precisietraining. Van alle RAM bokspalen is de RAM O XL de duurste en kost 274,95. De andere XL uitvoering is de RAM CAM O XL, een bokspaal met een unieke stoere camouflage print. Alle bokspalen van RAM zijn gemaakt van sterk kunstleder en zijn gevuld met meerdere lagen EVA foam. Door deze combinatie zal de bokspaal altijd de originele vorm behouden. De voet vul je met zand of fijn grind tot wel 150 kg. Dit hoeft natuurlijk niet zo zwaar, probeer eerst 100 kg, misschien is dat voor jou al goed genoeg.


Century and Rumble have a large collection of boxing poles, these prices are a lot higher than from RAM. The Wavemaster standing punching bag is Century’s best-known type of punching bag and comes in several different models. There is the Kid Kick Wavemaster especially for children for 200 euros, and the most expensive in Century’s collection, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro standing punching bag for 540 euros. Rumble also has a standing punching bag for kids, this punching bag is already filled with sand and comes in cool camo prints. Almost all of Rumble’s boxing poles are adjustable. One disadvantage is that with these boxing poles, the kicking and punching area is not very large. Century and Rumble certainly sell nice boxing poles but of course you also pay for the name and this is certainly not a right value for money. For a lot less money you can buy a boxing pole from another brand, for example RAM ;-), with the same quality or even better. Tuf Wear and Victory Sports both have a boxing pole in the collection that you cannot train low kicks on, just like the RAM C. Victory Sports also has a standing punching bag this is similar to the RAM O.


Our conclusion is that RAM fighting gear has many choices, the boxing poles have a very competitive price and you really get quality for your money. Of course we are biased but we also look at the facts. That seems like reason enough to buy a RAM standing boxing pole right? If you want to see our fighter in action with a RAM boxing pole check out our YouTube channel HERE. Please visit our sales partner Fightplaza for an extensive collection of boxing poles / standing punching bags.

Original price was: €349,95.Current price is: €329,95.
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