BOB Boxing Dummy

A standing boxing pole with a punching part shaped like a human body is called a boxing dummy. The body of the dummy is often in skin color, previously it was black and not as detailed as now. A boxing dummy gives you even more the feeling that you are really sparring, this way you can focus on the vital areas of the body without expecting a punch or kick yourself, how fun is that. Almost all boxing dummies are called BOB which means boxing opponent body. Like the boxing pole, a boxing dummy is portable; you don’t need to drill into your wall or ceiling. In boxing dummies, there is not that much choice. There are only a few brands that have them in the collection, including us RAM fighting gear. Our sales partner Fightplaza sells our dummies but also of other brands. Quickly go to fightplaza’s collection of boxing dummies.

RAM fighting gear

Besides the well-known standing boxing poles, RAM fighting gear also has several boxing dummies in its product range. The RAM BOB adjustable boxing dummy is a boxing dummy with a body that is height adjustable. This allows each user to set the dummy at the desired height. This can certainly come in handy when multiple people are using the dummy, however, there is one drawback, the punching area is a lot smaller than other boxing dummies. This RAM BOB does have another nice detail, namely a mean face, this will make you feel even more like teaching BOB a lesson. The RAM BOB XL standing boxing pole dummy has the same price as the aforementioned adjustable BOB. The body of the BOB Xl is a lot bigger, therefore it is not a shortcoming that this boxing doll is not adjustable in height. The RAM BIG BOB XL standing boxing pole dummy is the most expensive in RAM’s collection and well worth it. Surely the BIG BOB XL can call itself the king among boxing poles and boxing dummies. This dummie has an extra large body and is ironclad. All boxing dummies from RAM fighting gear are made of the best materials, inside high-quality pu material surrounded by very sturdy rubber. This combination makes the BOB boxing dummies feel very realistic. The RAM boxing dummies are very good value for money, and you know you are really getting value for money.


As mentioned earlier, there is not a whole lot of choice in boxing dummies. At Century, the prices of a boxing dummy, like a boxing pole, are a lot higher. Almost all boxing dummies have large bodies and are adjustable, which can also be a disadvantage. If you put the boxing dummy on the two highest positions and you hit the body high then the dummy becomes less stable and there is a good chance that it will tip over. For this reason, we are also not so keen on adjustable dummies with large bodies. Century also has a special boxing dummy for children, this one is obviously lower and has a child’s body. For this BOB junior you will soon pay 400 euros. Century certainly has nice boxing dummies in its collection, we believe that at Century you pay not only for the quality but also for the name recognition, so you cannot speak of a proper price/quality ratio. Victory Sports also has two boxing dolls in its collection, one with a black body, and another with a human body in skin color. The prices of these two dummies are between 300 and 380 euros. In addition to Century and Victory sports, you also have the Bruce Lee Slam Man, an adjustable black and yellow boxing dummie in the shape of a body without the real features of a body. On this boxing dummie are lights that will flash and you must then try to hit them as fast as possible. The Slam Man is a lot less stable, though, so with a little force you’ll knock this one over in no time. You can get the Slam Man for about 400 euros, not worth it as far as we are concerned.

Tot slot

A punching bag or boxing pole is ideal for training but does not come close to a real person. A boxing dummy is just the real deal. An opponent who doesn’t hit back, that’s also nice sometimes anyway. The dummies from RAM fighting gear are in our opinion, and yes of course we look at them with somewhat colored glasses but we also look at the facts, very competitively priced for what you get. RAM’s boxing dummies are of high quality and compared to the other brands a lot cheaper. A punching dummy does cost a lot more than a hanging punching bag or standing boxing pole. As far as we’re concerned, it’s definitely worth it; it really doesn’t get any more realistic than this. Want to see a review of the boxing dummy? Then check out our video on you tube HERE .

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