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Good protection is indispensable in any martial arts. Protect yourself and your opponent with RAM fighting gear’s martial arts protection. You can find them here… Continue reading >>>

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Considering buying Martial Arts Protection Online?

In our martial arts store, you can find various protective gear items that you can use during activities such as boxing or kickboxing. Sometimes, rules and respect alone are not enough to get through a match or training session without injuries.

Should You Buy Martial Arts Protection?

Yes, we believe you should. When practicing a martial art, there is always a risk of injury. Therefore, we always recommend wearing martial arts protection. Whether you are a beginner or a professional boxer, it's always best to use inner gloves or hand wraps under your gloves. This provides extra support and protection for your wrists and hands. Another advantage is that sweat does not directly get into your boxing gloves, thereby extending the lifespan of your often more expensive (kick)boxing gloves. Use a headguard and shin guards during kickboxing not only to protect yourself but also your opponent.

Do not skimp on martial arts protection to enjoy your sport for a long time.

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