Why an inner glove or wrap?

Wraps or inner gloves for under your boxing or kickboxing gloves, as far as we are concerned very essential while practicing a martial art. What is the difference and why is it so important? In this blog post, we explain the difference and why it is recommended to wear it.

Prevent injuries

The biggest reason to use a boxing wrap or inner glove is because it gives your hand and wrist more protection. Your hands and wrists take a lot of abuse during a workout or competition. To enjoy your sport injury-free, or at least reduce the chances, we recommend wearing a wrap or inner glove.

Boxing bandages

The best way to protect your hand and wrist is to use a wraps. These come in 250 cm and 450 cm, prices range from 7 euros to 13 euros. The 250 cm wrap is often used by children, ladies or gentlemen with small hands. This size is also used under bag gloves and mma gloves because these gloves tend to be a bit tighter. The larger 450 cm wrap is recommended for men with normal or larger hands.

Advanced and pros

The 450 cm wraps are also widely used by advanced and professionals. They have mastered wrapping well and use the extra length for optimal protection. A wrap allows you to properly secure your fingers and thumb and allows you to wrap your wrist extra securely. Wraps actually provide the best protection. The only downside is that the wrapping does take some time, especially when using them for the first time. Below is an explanation of the easiest way to put the wraps on.


  • First, put the loop of the wrap around your thumb.
  • Twist the wrap around your wrist 1-2 times, making sure to end at the top of the wrist.
  • Spread your hand slightly and put the wrap first between the little finger and ring finger and then back to the bottom of your wrist, then do the same to the thumb and index finger and between the rest of the fingers.
  • Wrap the wrap firmly around your thumb several times.
  • Put the wrap around your hand crosswise several times, then around your knuckles, and lastly wrap the rest of the wrap around your wrist.
  • Close the wrap using the Velcro strap.

Is it still not completely clear to you? Then check out our video on you tube HERE .

Inner gloves

The advantage of an inner glove is that you put it on a lot easier than wrap. There are different types of inner gloves. You also have inner gloves with a wrap attached, such as the RAM Innerglove Neoprene Gel Black. These wraps are a lot shorter than the loose long wrap and therefore provide less support. These inner gloves also have gel on the knuckles for added protection.

Inner gloves or wraps

With all the facts straight, we can say that wraps give more protection and support to your wrist and hand. Wraps are also generally a lot cheaper than inner gloves. So one drawback is that application does take a little more time. After washing, it is best to roll the wrap back up neatly, that way they stay the most beautiful and last longer. An inner glove you put on and you’re done and no rolling after washing. For the best protection choose boxing wraps, for slightly less protection and convenience choose an inner glove.

The right choice

Now you have all the information you need to make the right choice. Will you go for a wrap or an inner glove? Quickly visit our sales partner Fightplaza for a wide collection of wraps and inner gloves for boxing.

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