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Mounting material

Ensuring the perfect mount? Here you can find everything to attach a punching bag, punching ball or speedball. Continue reading>>

Buy Mounting Material for a Punching Bag?

You can mount a punching bag or speedball in various ways. Of course, this varies depending on the space and the options available to you. You use the ceiling or a wall to hang the punching bag. If you want to enjoy your punching bag to the fullest, you'll need the best mounting materials for it.

Wanna hang a Punching Bag or Speedball

The easiest way is to hang a punching bag from the ceiling. For this, you'll need a ceiling bracket. The ceiling bracket is easily attached to the ceiling and is very strong. If you have limited space, you can choose to hang the punching bag on the wall. For this, you'll use a wall mount hanging bracket. Mounting on the wall takes a bit more time and the price of a wall mount is usually higher than a ceiling bracket. However, wall mounts can often support more weight. All in all, a wall mount installation can be a good alternative for hanging your punching bag or speedball.

What else do you need to hang a punching bag or speedball?

With a punching bag and mounting system, you can already get started. However, you can extend the lifespan of your punching bag by using a swivel and spring. The swivel allows the punching bag to rotate freely, reducing the forces exerted on it. A punching bag spring absorbs shocks and reduces the noise from punching and kicking.

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