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Boxing bags and punching balls

Live it up against a punching bag or punching ball. Perfect for use in the gym but also for at home. Continue reading >>>


Buy a Punching Bag?

A punching bag is ideal when you want to let off some steam. You can do this at the gym or at home in your own space whenever you want. Punching bags come in different lengths. If you only want to throw punches, a 120 CM bag is enough, but if you also want to practice low kicks, you'll need a bag of 150 or 180 CM.

Buy a Speedball?

A speedball is perfect for improving your speed, reflexes, and overall shape. The speedball requires you to be sharp and alert. Practice boxing on a speedball to make your punches even faster, harder, and more precise.

Looking to Buy Mounting for a Punching Bag or Speedball?

A punching bag alone won't do. Mounting is essential when using a punching bag or speedball. Get a wall bracket or ceiling mount, and you're ready to go.

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